Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fab Find: Mari Mi California Collection

The other day on an endcap in the Stationery section at Target I spied a whole collection of Mari Mi merchandise with a "California" theme. It included mugs, wall art, greeting cards, and my favorite of the bunch: this state-shaped cutting board (shown here). At just $14.99 each, this would make a fun hostess or housewarming gift.


Marilyn C. said...

I saw the Minnesota version of these yesterday and bought one for me and one for a friend who has moved far away. Definitely a fun gift idea.

Ericka Aspiegirl said...

i also saw the MN version in my local store! it was totally adorable, and i loved the "ufdah" products :P

Ericka Aspiegirl said...

can i send you a picture? id love to post it here, but i cant :(