Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New at Target: Who What Wear Summer Collection

Who What Wear just released their latest capsule collection at Target, and you can check out the goods here on But color me confused, readers, because I'm not seeing much of a difference between their Target collab and the new Banana Republic collection that Who What Wear is hyping on their blog. Just look at how similar the WWW skirt at Target (on the left) is to the BR floral dress on the right! Of course, there is a huge price difference... the skirt at Target is only $29.99 (actually on clearance now for 15% off) whereas the dress at Banana Republic is a whopping $178.

So lesson learned: if you like the looks of BR this season, you might want to check out Who What Wear offerings at Tar-jay first. In fact, you may want to register for Banana Republic's Who What Wear Style Event (coming to select cities) in order to source similar - and cheaper - looks at Target.

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