Sunday, April 17, 2016

Marimekko for Target: What Did You Buy?

Good morning readers! I've already heard from some of you that you had NO issues ordering what you wanted from the Marimekko for Target line - bravo on that! Unfortunately, I faced some technical issues that made ordering challenging in the wee hours of this morning.

To recap: I woke at 12:20 and immediately tried to order from my mobile phone. I had success with the shorts I wanted, but then when I tried to order a second pair (in a larger size, as you never know how these designer collabs are gonna run!) the page said this item was unavailable. I then looked for several other items I wanted and got the same message. I don't know if this was due to server traffic or what, but I decided to check out with what I had (one pair of shorts) and complete the transaction before moving on to my laptop computer.

From my computer, I was able to order the shorts in the other size, but several other items I wanted - like the dress shown here - was sold out, as were all the totes, bags and scarves. Actually the page error I kept getting was "we're sorry - this product is not available", with a sad-looking Target dog mascot. I was able to order the black/white print terry cloth coverup, and then I called it a night.

This morning, after reading some of your comments about having NO ordering issues whatsoever, I went online again and was able to get the dress shown here after all. The bags, totes, etc. are still all sold out online, and listed as available in stores only.

At the last minute (since I was already up) I decided to brave the crowds this morning and see what I could find in store. Around the same time (8am) a good friend texted me that she was at another store, and I asked her to pick me up the blue/black Harka Print Tote, and she found one - yippee! I'm so glad she got one for me as my local Redwood City, CA store was a mess. By the time I got there at 8:15, all the totes/hats/scarves were gone. There was a large swarm of women with kids in tow surrounding the clothing racks, and the girls clothing seemed like a big seller. The womenswear seemed well stocked, and they had several sizes of the dress and shorts I had already ordered online.

Knowing my friend had secured my coveted tote, I headed to housewares where I picked up a coordinating beach towel in the Kaivo Print. [Of course, I just now noticed that there's a matching Harka Print beach towel which is only available online, but I think I'll stick with the Kaivo so I'm not too matchy/matchy.] I also got the last pack of the colorful Kitchen Towels before the houseware department became a feeding frenzy. Seriously, there were women with overflowing carts, buying everything in sight. In the checkout lane, I heard one woman tell the clerk "yeah, I'll probably return most of this stuff, but I wanted to nab it before it sold out."

What about you, readers? Did you venture to the store today, and if so, what did you buy? Or did you avoid the frenzy altogether and shop online (hopefully without the technical difficulties I had!).


Mel said...

I am in Minnesota. I forgot about it, but then checked my phone at 4 am and saw your first post. I hopped on the website from my phone and got the Paprika scarf and flip flops. I had not problem and checked out separately for both - figured that might be better. Then about 10 am I went back to look and the scarves were gone. I ordered the carafe set in Primary. I would have liked a tote but I am happy (online order, so I haven't actually seen them yet) I remember when I got married back in the mid 80's and Marimekko was very popular back then (I am sure I am much older than most of you!)

Mel said...

Mel from Minnesota again. I decided to go to the store in my small town. I wanted the primary scarf and tote. There were very little items in the clothing area. The clerk I talked to said they had only gotten 5 of the scarves, so they were already gone. I went to the back in the outdoor patio area and found the tote, kitchen towel and beach towel. I was happy with those! I looked at the umbrella and pouf and decided to get them online instead. I am getting new siding and new deck space on my house anyway, so decided to go for this look out there!

I enjoy reading your blog!

Marcia said...

I was at my local Virginia store this morning and had no problem getting the items they had in the store. None of the Hampton Roads regional stores were carrying several items (specifically some of the table runners). The crew was just beginning to set up the patio/housewares items and were irritated at the handful of us that were asking for specific items. I bought two sets of napkins, but came home and discovered one set had holes in it and the other set had a duplicate print, rather than four different prints. Those will go back and I won't re-purchase either. At the end of the day, my only successes were the large paprika print scarf and paprika large round tray. I'm happy with both.

I'm glad you were able to get a few items you were looking for! And, I love your blog!

Target Addict said...

Mel: the outdoor stuff is SUPER cute, and were I in the market for it, I'd get the pouf and everything to match it!
And Marcia: I'm jealous of your scarf. Kudos to both of you for having success in store!

Unknown said...

I was up hitting refresh so I could get the three items items (only sold online) I wanted. Midnight my time passed, one am, two am, three am....finally I hit refresh at 3:39 or 3:49am EST and I could get in!

I got the colorful tunic, the two-piece bathing suit, and the long sleeved rashguard I wanted. It wrecked my sleep, but I'm happy.

NYC Irish Girl said...

I ordered online with no problems. My local store had everything available when I went about 4 hours after it opened. I was not surprised as I live in the midwest now and I feel this brand does not translate here. I picked up several things for myself and friends back East. So nice to be able to enjoy the collaboration without the drama. Seemed like Target was on it A-game today. The plates I thought were super nice and I was impressed by the beach bag (but I did not need one). The kids clothing I did purchase (and will keep) but found the quality not be as good as the Lily collab. It funny how when it is not a frenzy you really look at the stuff and decide if you need it.

Dawn Lucy - Fashion Should Be Fun said...

Here's my review: I got a couple fab things!

Dawn Lucy

Kelly Tourdot said...

I went twice to the Target closest by me today. There were maybe 5 people including myself waiting at 8 am. That was surprising because there's a local high end home and gift store specializing in Nordic and Scandinavian design that sells a decent selection of Marimekko.

I ended up getting 3 sets of the salad plates, everything except the black and white patterns. I had the kitchen towels on my list but decided against them because I didn't like the texture of them. I had wanted the Kukkatori print flip flops but those weren't available at any stores within driving distance. I may order them online later.

The store I went to didn't have much for clothes. The Appelsiini print top was the only one that I thought would work for me because overall I thought the clothing was too casual for wearing to work. The too casual nature of the last couple ones makes me long for the Prabal Gurung and Jason Wu lines that had some nice work pieces.

Mary Hall, The Recessionista said...

Hi Target-Addict,
I bought swimwear, rash guard & pants in the paprika print, PLUS a top and blue pint swimsuit.
Didn't care for the Kaftkan or the cover-ups. Loved the home stuff & patio items.

Review here:

Marilyn C. said...

I stayed up late and was only semi-conscious around 2:15 when I read tweets about other shoppers' online Marimekko triumphs. What? I had been refreshing my phone and laptop for ages. When I saw the items finally offered for sale, I got the sad-dog, "Item-No-Longer-Available" message. I tried repeatedly, then went back to the mobile site and was able to make purchases then. Shortly after that, the website worked on my laptop as well. Maybe Target had some kind of scheduled release? Because when everything was up, everything was available. I managed to get what I wanted online. Hooray, Target, for getting the web firepower in place.

Still, I decided to check out my neighborhood store around 8:30. While the clothes had been hit fairly hard, I was able to get the Kukkatori primary tunic in a size different than I'd ordered online (as you said, you never know what the sizing is like). There were some toddler items left as well as the women's long Kukkatori kaftan in the blue, and swimsuits in the black and white. Lots of stuff was available in the patio area of the store: carafes, game sets, kites, the play tents, the patio umbrellas, dinnerware, beach towels, etc. I was at another Target later this afternoon and they were similarly well-stocked, although they didn't seem to have all of the patio stuff to begin with. They still had lots of the large sized serving trays, square trays, kitchen towels in all patterns, poufs, pillows, both scarves, and a smattering of swimwear.

It seems like this launch is more normal than Lilly and Jason Wu, the two previous collections where I got very little or nothing online and had to brave the crowds in-store.

I think Marimekkko for Target is a great collaboration and I liked what I saw in the store. Again, I'm relieved that this was a normal shopping experience, both online and in the store. Thank goodness.

Lisa M said...

Got a top, umbrella and a pillow in warm colors..exactly what I was hoping to buy. Could not buy anything online at midnight or 3 am in Calif, but worked fine at 8 AM.

Music said...
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Music said...

I did my usual run of stores in the SoCal area - primarily stores less visited to the east of my neighborhood by LAX. I know they sometimes get fewer things, but I hate the battling. I got the little shift dress, Kaivo black & white small tray, the cup set in primary, a pink hat for my mom. The stores seemed well stocked in general. I think the only ones that got pseudo hammered were Manhattan Beach and Culver City. Overall, The clothes did not seem very popular down here in my area, as I saw plenty of stock late in the day. The housewares were definitely the hotter item.

I mean, I myself had a strange retro funky interest in the Melooni terry cover up and the Kukkatori kaftan - but I'm somewhat petite and the cover up made me look like I was wearing a weird fruit slice poncho costume. And I didn't even try on the kaftan as I knew instinctively, on me, it would look like I simply unadvisedly raided Bea Arthur's closet from the set of "Maude" or "Golden Girls" - take your pick.

So what did I discover to be ELUSIVE? The two main things I was looking for - PLACEMATS AND TABLE RUNNERS. And I love the Marimekko PVC-coated placemats in their regular line, but they run over $20 a piece. But, seriously, I think the stores either didn't get enough of these items OR didn't get them at all. And the placemats were not sold online from what I could tell. I finally found one set in the "warm" (pink) color way I was looking for after some employees checked in the system and scoured the local area. I did find one table runner too - but not in the color I wanted. Such weirdness. The dish towels were somewhat scarce too. The store I started at did not have all the linens, and then, once I moved to the next store, it was like someone had taken all the placemats and table runners that may or may not have existed. Of course, everything else was all there for the most part.

So that's my Marimekko tale. But my final comment is philosophical one in that I truly appreciate Target's "equal opportunity" approach to serving my city. I have found that a Target store is always a Target store here, no matter what community it is in. I have seen other chains either not serve certain neighborhoods and/or let those locations slide when the area is not as affluent. And, honestly, some of the Targets in the traditionally "tougher" neighborhoods out here are the ones I love the best and frequent the most. They can often be cleaner and calmer (gosh, dare I say with better behaved children?) than the ones in the supposedly "nicer" places. It's corny, but this means a lot to me...

debbies said...

kentucky - my store sold out of the hats & that's it as far as I could tell

TPA200 said...

No problem ordering online on Monday, bought the flip-flops and Kaftkan. My local Target had the beach towels, which iam picking up. All good in Tampa !

Queen Elizabeth said...

I kept it simple by getting items that could serve multiple purposes. I initially wanted the tunic dress in the Kukkatori print, but the slit on the side was a deal breaker for me. I opted for the scarf instead which has instructions on how to fold into a sarong, bandeau dress and halter dress. I fell in love with the appelsiini print, so I purchased the top and I'm patiently waiting for the shorts. I think they look good together and as separates so I can't wait! As I was leaving Target after picking up some items I had sent to the store, I saw the Kaivo print beach bag. IT'S HUGE!!! I wish it had a zipper instead of the magnetic closure, but will still use it as a carry on for travel.

I saw tons of beachwear and patio gear, none of it really caught my eye.

Marilyn C. said...

Some comments on sizing, since several of my online items arrived today. The swimwear ran small on me, fitting more like juniors sizing. Also, the cropped rash guards for kids seem like a surefire way to get a sunburn on your midriff, so that's going back. The women's kaftan is darn funky, but having seen it on, I don't know that I'd really wear it. The Kukkatori blue palazzo pants, however, are so fun and crazy that they are for keeps. They are generously sized. But like others have said, I wish that Target had had a few more office-y items in the mix of this collection. The Appelsini top came closes, but the color and shape of that top weren't good for me. I am happiest with the Kukkatori primary print tunic, which I could wear over a swimsuit at the pool or as street clothes with some leggings. It seemed true to size.

Fzillion Store said...
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Amy said...

I got flip flops and the black and white terry cover up. There is still a fair amount of items left in my Bronx store. I was pleasantly surprised-I couldn't go when the release happened, and I didn't even think that my store would carry it.