Friday, October 30, 2015

Virginia Artist Accuses Target Of Ripping Off Designs...

Consumerist reports that a Virginia artist, who has created and sold original cellphone covers online since 2013, filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court this week accusing Target and supplier Weihai Luda Craft Co. of copyright, vicarious and contributory infringement.

According to the lawsuit, the artist specializes in creating cellphone covers decorated with carefully chosen flowers and plants in original arrangements. Two of those designs, titled “Lemon and Honey” and “Morning Dew” have been available for purchase through the artist’s website since August 2013. 

The artist claims she recently discovered a Target store in Washington selling unauthorized copies of these two designs under the Target-owned Merona brand. After searching other stores, she found the cellphone covers for sale in Virginia stores as well as online.

The artist is seeking $300,000 in damages, an injunction to stop Target from selling the covers, and attorney fees. In my opinion, the evidence in her favor is compelling, since it seems Target copied her not once, but twice. As shown here, each cell phone on the left is the Merona version, with the artist's original design shown on the right. 

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Critifur said...

It is always so infuriating when this happens. Why don't they just go to the artist and offer to buy an original design, for a cut of profits. This behavior is despicable.