Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Man Posing As Target Employee Stole Almost $50,000 In Cellphones...

Consumerist reports that a man in Georgia allegedly impersonated a Target employee in order to steal more than $50,000 in cellphones.

On at least two occasions, police say a man walked into two separate stores pretending to be a Target Mobile representative in order to gain access to a inventory storage locker full of cellphones. According to police, the most recent incident occurred Oct. 17 when the man –dressed in standard attire for a Target Mobile employee, which is a black polo shirt and khaki pants – approached the customer service desk asking for the key to the cellphone locker.

The man then reportedly told the Target employee he was a new hire and needed an escort to the locker’s location. After reaching the area, the man placed 26 cellphones – worth $18,000 – in a duffel bag. He then put on a grey sweatshirt, returned the key to the desk, and left the store.

Police say the man is also a suspect in an Oct. 3 incident at another nearby Target. In that case, the man allegedly stole nearly $30,000 in cellphones using the same tactic. He reportedly returned to the first store after the second heist, but was turned away. Authorities say they believe the man may be a former employee as he seems familiar with the practices of Target and knows the names of store and district managers.

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