Friday, October 2, 2015

Adam Lippes Flies Off Shelves (at least at my local Target...)

A quick visit to my local Target store today brought a surprise: the Adam Lippes for Target collection seems to has almost sold out! I wasn't that impressed with this collab, but I guess others are buying it, as there were no more housewares (as shown) available, nor any shoes. Of the clothing (men's and women's) there looked to be only XS and XL sizes available, and I only saw two handbags left.

So how about it, readers? Did you buy any Adam Lippes stuff, and if so, what'd you end up with?


thesouthpassage said...

I bought a dog bed. Nothing else appealed to me & I love plaid!

Japolina said...

There was tons of it left here in hot, humid miami. I guess when it is still 95 degrees, plaid just seems to warm.

Yes, Despite my break up with target I did go in there today. I blogged about my saga again. Let me know what you think. Have you ever written to customer service?

Target Addict said...

Japolina: I read your post. I'm sorry Target didn't respond to your letter. I've never written to Customer Service, but I have voiced complaints via Target's FB page. You MIGHT want to try that, and see if you get a response. I know when people voiced complaints over the Lilly Pulitzer sellout, some of them were "answered" on the FB page.

My situation was that I complained (or asked) on their FB page "why have you stopped carrying the Converse One Star Brand?". I've done this twice over the past 6 months; the first time I got no response, and the second time I got this vague answer:
"Hi there! We're always looking for the right mix of fashion for our guests and love to offer new options. Our buyers use the requests from our guests when planning future lines. We'll make sure they know about your request. Thanks for checking in with us!"

Catherine Edgar said...

Yeah, Target never responded when I asked why they no longer carried women's size 12 shoes online. They probably didn't want to tell me no one was buying my big-sized shoes! lol

Stylewatcher said...

Very underwhelmed with the whole line pretty much. My store had lots in stock. I ended up keeping the crème/red poncho (for now) and a pair of flats. I felt like everything ran really big and the material chosen wasn't that nice. Nothing looked that flattering on.

Barbara said...

I was in my store this morning. It didn't look to me as if anything had moved at all. The housewares section looked untouched. I returned the plaid dress I had ordered online last week. When I showed my red card, the guy at the register gave me a really cute red and grey plaid shopping bag. He said they were supposed to have started handing them out last week when the plaid collection came out.
I did decide to keep the plaid blouse/tee I had ordered. In the store they had it in cream and a vivid blue. I had ordered it in the ice grey and it is really pretty. Don't care for the face that it is polyester, but it does have a little bit of spandex, and doesn't feel bad to the touch.

Oh, I did buy a few of the Eddie Borgo pieces, now down to 70% off.

Unknown said...

Plenty of stock in Minneapolis stores. i liked the impractical sheep bucket bag & blue baseball jacket. Nothing in line was terribly exciting, but i might get something if they go on sale. the grey pants were pretty ugly, but maybe the east coast likes that cut.
i appreciate each and every collaboration, and usually buy at least one item from each.