Saturday, August 15, 2015

Man enrages conservatives by posing as Target on FB

You can thank my hubby for finding this gem. RawStory reports that Facebook user Mike Melgaard decided to have a little fun by pretending to be the official Target page on Facebook.

As I reported earlier this week, Target has come under fire recently for its decision to stop segregating its toy aisles by gender. While some people see it as just a PR stunt, others are offended by the move. And with the idea of little boys browsing for toys among the Barbie dolls and Easy-Bake Ovens and little girls shopping in with the trucks and toy soldiers appearing to be more than some people can handle, Melgaard had a grand time winding them up.

On a page he called “Target trolling,” Melgaard said, “People thought I was Target and that’s all you need to know.” Shown here is just one of the many MANY posts he got, and his replies are all hilarious. Head over to RawStory to see the full gallery of funny Facebook posts.