Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Coming Soon to Target: A+ from ALDO

Target has tapped ALDO for a bag/shoe collab dubbed A+. The inaugural fall collection features 17 pieces like sleek-heeled booties and sparkly flats for women, rubber-soled leather lace-ups and dress shoes for men, and even a few new handbags and totes in the mix. According to A Bullseye View, the A+ collection will be updated each season so you’ll never be at a loss for stylish additions to your wardrobe.

“Target is always looking for new ways to offer our guests great style at an incredible value,” said Stacia Andersen, senior vice president, Apparel and Accessories, Target. “ALDO has a strong reputation for designing versatile, on-trend shoes and accessories, and we think our guests will love adding pieces from the A+ collection to their wardrobes this fall.”


Shopgirl888 said...

Cute shoes (though I would never wear heels like that---at least they keep podiatrists in business!). Just giving you a heads up, remember how Target dumped their petites section? Looks like they're saying goodbye to Juniors sizing as well, at least where jeans are concerned. Was wondering what all the brouhaha was about with their "new fit" denim promotion. Of course, it's about less choice.


Chic :)
Maria V.

Critifur said...
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Critifur said...

I will take a look. I am excited they are putting some effort into men's shoes again. Target has pretty much failed in the past few years to offer any men's clothing that I had any interest in. In years past, I was always surprising people with the clothing items I wore that had come from the bullseye. It seemed to end once they discontinued 100% cotton tees and polos. I still miss them, they had been the perfect fit.

As long as the shoes are stylish and leather, I will give them a chance.

Tiffany Rogers said...
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Tiffany Rogers said...
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