Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer's Plans Post-Target...

Racked reports that despite the incredible success of Target x Lilly Pulitzer's homewares and beach accessories, don't expect Lilly Pulitzer to churn out their signature prints on anything and everything. Bloomberg checked in on the brand's plans post-Target collab, and Lilly Pulitzer execs maintain that they will keep the focus on selling clothes and accessories.

So while Lilly addicts can buy lifestyle items like thermal mugs and wireless speakers on the company's site, Bloomberg asserts that Lilly Pulitzer doesn't intend on permanently branching out to beach gear and home furnishings. The good news is that Lilly Pulitzer is interested in more one-time collaborations in the future where things can get more creative, as seen in the Lilly Pulitzer for Target hammocks and beach chairs.

The frenzy over the Target launch also coincided with a big year of expansion for Lilly Pulitzer. The brand will add six stores this year instead of the usual four stores, and it's also expanding far away from resort towns, as Lilly Pulitzer will soon open a store in Chicago.

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