Monday, October 6, 2014

Target Introduces "AndrewAndrew" Eyewear reports that the artsy NYC DJ duo AndrewAndrew are the first designers to collaborate with Target Optical on an exclusive eyewear collection. The frames are done up in AndrewAndrew's "exaggerated preppy" style and retail for $129, which includes frames and lenses. The styles debuted last week on Target Optical's site and at Target Optical locations.

If you're wondering who AndrewAndrew is, you're not alone. The Andrews are curious about how they landed a Target deal, too. "I don't know what possessed Target to think we're a good fit, but we're thrilled," one of them told the New York Observer. "They totally drank the AndrewAndrew Kool-Aid, hook, line and sinker. I don't even think they know our last names."

The AndrewAndrew Target Optical collection includes five unisex frames with 14 variations of shape, style and color. And Target Optical has an in-home try-on program, so customers can get four frames delivered and then buy the ones they want online.


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