Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Clearance Alert: Wit & Delight

Wit & Delight - one of the Pinterest brands that Target is showcasing this year - is now on clearance in stores and online. On Target.com the line is only 20% off, but in stores I found it at 50% off and took the opportunity to stock up on some festive items. While this collection is geared to a beer-tasting fest, I'm going to use it for a wine-tasting party instead. I bought these cute cocktail napkins (shown) as well as the chalkboard labels to cover the wine bottles. I also bought a matching table runner in the same chalkboard material.

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Ellen said...

Very cute! I'm a longtime reader of your blog, but I've been away for a while because life just got so busy. What a treat to be back :) It's the little things in life...like you, I LOVE Target!!!