Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Target butchers bikini model with bad photoshop...

Business Insider reports that a Target swimsuit model is the latest victim of bad Photoshop. The model shown here (and featured on Target's website until this story broke) looks OK until you zoom in a bit.

"Really, really poor job at cutting into the waist and arm, as well as a hamfisted attempt at cropping out an artificial thigh gap on the model," writes The Ethical Adman.

Since the Photoshop Disasters blog posted the photo, Target has cropped the page so only the top half of the model can be seen. The same model was also shown wearing a printed blue bikini, with clear Photoshop "cuts" on both her inner-thighs and right underarm; Target has taken this photo down, but you can view the screen capture of it on Business Insider's site.

My question is: why bother with all the Photoshopping? This teen model is CLEARLY slim enough to be posing in these swimsuits, so why try to make her look even thinner?


Amy said...

What a great message to send to the teenaged girls this bathing suit is meant for.

Target Addict said...

Well Target is getting a lot of backlash for this. The story was on GMA this morning, it was on Dr. Drew this evening, and it's all over the internet.