Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Target to Introduce Premium Skincare

Earlier this month WWD broke the news that Target will be introducing an assortment of skincare featuring seven premium brands this spring. And this week, top magazine editors were treated to a sneak peek (as shown here) of the skincare lines, which include more than 140 products ranging from $9 - $55. Available on beginning Feb. 17th, the lines will roll out to select U.S. stores beginning in March.

What do you think of this, readers? Target is obviously betting that while we’re shopping for everyday essentials, we'll also pause to browse - and hopefully buy - the latest in skincare advances. Are premium skincare products something you'd purchase at Tar-jay?


Stephanie Wilson said...

I absolutely would. I go to Target for a lot of beauty products and if I can't find them there then I go to Ulta or Amazon.

Deborah Lacy said...

I'll definitely check it out.

kayerikson said...

I see Vichy is part of these offerings
I still have an empty tube of their three day deodorant which I bought years ago in Paris
Love this line! I suspect any European brands will be very successful. As boots has been

Elizabeth said...

I would buy it. Our local CVS sells Vichy and Roc (SP?) and it does very well, so I can see it selling well at Target. It's funny to see these brands as "premium" skin care in the US, since in France it is just what they use and you can buy it at the supermarket. While in london this past October, I saw a funny ad in the subway about "Carmex" coming soon to England! Like it was some magical concoction! Hahahaha