Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Target Employee Helps Nab Kidnapper...

Here's your feel-good story of the day: in California, a vigilant Target employee is being hailed as a here for cracking the kidnapping case of a 7-year old girl.

Roxanna Ramirez (shown here) inadvertently saved abducted 7-year-old Natalie Calvo's life when she wrote down the license plate number of a "weird" man shopping at her Pittsburg, CA store on Friday.

The 22-year-old loss prevention specialist became suspicious of the man as he appeared extremely nervous in the aisles. "He was just fidgeting around. I wasn't getting a good vibe off of him," she told ABC News. After monitoring him for some time, she followed him out into the parking lot and noted his license plate details. "He was being a weirdo outside, and I just got a weird feeling," Ramirez said to the Contra Costa Times"At one point, he sat in his car and grabbed the steering wheel and started shaking it violently. It was kind of scary,"

Then later that night, cops put out an Amber Alert for the girl - alongside the description of a man which sounded exactly like the freaky shopper. Ramirez called in the license plate information she'd captured earlier and within 45 minutes police had rescued the child and arrested the alleged kidnapper.

David Douglas, 43, is accused of snatching the girl from outside her home. In a bizarre TV jailhouse interview with ABC News, he claimed he did not harm the youngster and that the abduction was not his idea. Denying being mentally ill, he also stated there was a government conspiracy to control his life and that he'd tried to grab three different children that day. Revealing he'd been living in his car parked in the Antioch Marina for two months after being kicked out of his family home, he sad he stopped at several hotels for the pair to stay at.

He was eventually found by cops in the Marina. The child wasn't physically harmed and was reunited with her mom four hours after being taken. Douglas, arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, is being held on a $4 million bond. Antioch police said Ramirez's vigilance was key to keeping Calvo safe. "What she did was what truly broke the case," added Lt. Tammany Brooks.

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tina said...

Ms Ramirez is a true hero! She followed her gut reaction and saved this child's life! I wish for great things for this amazing woman!