Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back at Target: The Great Save

You've probably noticed that the floorspace formerly reserved for holiday merchandise at Target has now been replaced with their warehouse-club offerings.  "The Great Save" was introduced back in 2010 in order to set up a "warehouse-club experience" in stores, much like the setup at Costco or Sam's Club.  The intent is to draw more store traffic with deals on necessities, and offerings include a selection of bulk-packaged, family size, and bonus pack items from brand names like Pepsi, Huggies, Lysol, etc.

Last year, Target re-dubbed this section "The Bullseye Bodega", and this year the signage seems to call it "In With The New" (as shown by this pic I snapped at my local store).  Whatever it's called, this section debuts in stores the first week of January and usually lasts until mid-February.


Elizabeth said...

This always reminds me that the fun of the holidays are over :( But soon there will be cute Valentine stuff out, so it is all good.

Target Addict said...

I finally "dove deeper" into this section today, and it looks like Target is pushing a lot more than just basics. They have "themes" set up like a Superbowl table, where you can load up on chips, salsa, and bowls to serve it in, and a "Wired" table selling iPad and computer accessories.

Rowland lockey said...

memorable moments always remain:) ;)

Rowland lockey said...

memorable moments always remain:) ;)
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