Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New at Target: Linea Pelle

Racked.com made a random discovery this past weekend: a new - and previously unannounced - Target collabration with Linea Pelle handbags (shown here at the West Hollywood store). Here's their take on the line:

"This collab is indeed a headscratcher, since the styles are fairly generic, and -- how to put this delicately -- there's nothing Linea Pelle-like about the cheap non-leather bags that smell faintly of polyurethane. The good news is we didn't see anything with a price tag higher than $29.99. And there are plenty of them!"


Anonymous said...

I saw this line at my local Target this weekend. There are some okay things, but nothing I would pay full price for. What's up with Target doing these collaborations with no publicity?

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