Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Double-Take: Horchow vs. Target

Today's double-take has a bit of a history lesson behind it. I've always been a fan of these "starburst" mirrors (shown) and had pegged them as being part of the Mid-Century Modern movement. However, after a little web-surfing, I discovered that they're actually attributed to the genre called Hollywood Regency. Here's a definition of the style:

Hollywood Regency is a style of interiors that is synonymous with the adjective “glamorous”. Used today any time a room needs “glamming up”, the style sports a wide array of looks, but definitely includes similar elements throughout its designs. The look first took hold in the cinema’s golden years of the 1920s and 30s and continued right on prospering all the way into the 60s and some 70s. Originally representing glamour, movie stars and the ultimate luxurious lifestyle, today the Hollywood Regency style exists as a full and exciting alternative to a more minimalist approach to design. While the style encompasses many looks, specific elements are known to be Hollywood Regency, such as chinoiserie and the use of Asian-inspired d├ęcor and black, white and bold colors. Faux bamboo plays an important role, popping up as mirror frames and furniture accents. You can’t have Hollywood Regency without a little glitter, and that’s why metallic colors like gold and silver and mirrored furniture pieces play an important role.

Which leads us to the question of the day: which one of these swanky starburst mirrors is a hefty $415 (including additional shipping/processing) from Horchow, and which one is a much lighter $84.99 (with free shipping) from Target? The answer appears in the comments section.


Target-Addict said...

The mirror on the left is from Target, and the one on the right is from Horchow.

Mugdha said...

Hmm, I guessed that. I actually think I like the Target one better, too. The gold ont he Horchow one makes it a little too blingy for me, haha.