Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday's Rave: this Liz Lange tank top

Pssst....wanna know a secret? Some of the Liz Lange Maternity tops at Target can actually be worn by us non-expecting gals. You just have to make sure that they're not too empire waist-y (with those telltale tie-in-back bows) or too balloon-y (like the ones that have more fabric in front vs. back in order to accomodate growing bellies).

That's why this one is just perfect: the banded, longer tunic length fits like a regular misses top (just size down from your usual size). And the unique neckline is just too cute to pass up: the rosettes are actually made of zippers, which makes this top look like an expensive boutique find (vs. the just under $17 bargain it is).


halo said...

You have stolen my secret;-)
Liz Lange stuff is great even for those who aren't expecting.

Lesa said...

shhhhhh....I thought I was the only one who knew.