Monday, February 2, 2009

Hidden Home Storage

Many homeowners say they don't have enough storage space at home, but there's more than most think. Consider the storage potential of every space in your home -- even if it wasn't designed with storage in mind.

Look under every work surface for extra open space. An under-sink shelf expands from 18 to 30 inches wide ($19.99 at Target). Dual-tier chrome basket storage drawers can fit inside cabinet or pantry ($37.99 at Target).

If your closets are the old-fashioned kind with a single rod for hanging clothes and a shelf so high you can't reach it, get ready to reorganize. Rubbermaid's Configurations Starter Closet Kit is customizable to fit your closet and needs ($69.99 at Target and

And when it's time for new furniture, replace chairs with benches (like the one shown) whose seats open to double as storage chests or ottomans with hollow centers for hiding magazines (Metro storage bench, $139.99 at Target or

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