Saturday, February 14, 2009

Erickson Beamon = Over the Top!

The title of my blog post says it all... and when I say over the top, I do not mean it in a good way! True to Target's word, they debuted the Erickson Beamon jewelry line today (Valentine's Day) in stores (as I wrote about back in November). If you check that post, you see a very plain necklace previewed in comparison to the actual items in this new line. Likewise, the preview pics from the Stylist blog (back from October) show very tame offerings vs. what I saw in store (and apologies, but for some reason, Target doesn't yet have the jewelry line up on their web site yet).

Let me break this down for you: know why I've posted a picture of rapper M.I.A. with this post? Because, my friends, in addition to the cuckoo-crazy outfit she wore to the recent Grammy Awards, she also chose to accessorize herself with Erickson Beamon jewelry. Sorry you can't see the earrings and cocktail ring better in this pic, but trust me, they're big, blingy, and garish.

Now in this era of new conservatism, where we're all trying to save our money and be less flashy, and where even wealthly people are asking for their Hermes purchases to be wrapped in unmarked totes (vs. logo shopping bags), is this really what we need? Even Anna Wintour, the legendary editor of Vogue, was recently quoted by the Wall St. Journal as saying that her magazine is toning down the "glitz" a bit, and avoiding anything that is - in her words - "too Dubai". And the Erickson Beamon collection is, I'm afraid, much "too Dubai".

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