Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Then again, maybe I'm wrong...

...and Madison Avenue Spy is right. Although my local Target was hella busy on the day after Thanksgiving, things seem to have cooled down considerably. Yesterday during lunch I went to the Target across from my work and came across something I've never seen at Target: an additional discount on already clearance merchandise. Yep, that's right: all clothing (at least women's and men's) were an additional 30% off the clearance price, even if it was already marked down 75%! Crazy, I know. And yet - here's the really nutty part - no one was buying. In the women's department, a few women seemed to be looking, but I didn't see anyone tossing stuff in their carts. And the men's dept. was a ghost town: I had the place to myself looking for shirts for my hubby (but alas, I didn't find any ones I liked in his size). Not sure how long this additional sale will go on for, or if it's happening at all Targets nationwide, but it's a pretty steep discount and worth checking out.

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