Monday, December 1, 2008

Different Coast, Different Target Experience.....

It sounds like Madison Avenue Spy had a very different experience than the one I had at Target this past weekend. As reported on Black Friday, I felt compelled to walk out of my local (California) Target because it was too darn crowded. However, Spy reports just the opposite (assumingly reporting from a NY area store):
"Every checkout line was manned with a cashier but the shoppers weren't there. When I questioned the woman ringing me up she confessed that management was worried. According to Shyana, each cashier needed to take-in at least $4,000 in receipts per-day or hours their would be cut. This worried Shyana because if her hours were to be cut the holiday season would be a lot less jolly for her children. From shareholders to local cashiers everyone is feeling the pinch of Econ 101."

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