Friday, December 26, 2008

Another early debut: Hayden-Harnett for Target

Like the Thakoon collection I blogged about yesterday, the Hayden-Harnett handbag collection has already hit in advance of Sunday’s in-store date. And according to customer reviews, some stores have already put the bags out on the shelves... which is how some lucky gals were able to get their hands on them early.

The reviews, however, were mixed. This Double-flap Bag (pictured) got the thumbs-up with comments like “the perfect daytime clutch!” and “MUCH better than the Anya Hindmarch materials”. The Flight Bag that I’ve had my eye on, however, was panned for not being “sturdy” enough and “doesn't look like it will last 6 months.”


Elisa said...

I don't like Thakoon, so I wasn't interested in that collection. But Hayden-Harnett makes beautiful bags, so I definitely wanted to snag something from their Target collection.

The piece I liked the most if the clutch - it's small, but it's perfect, exceptionally well made compared to the handbags in the other lines, with details that only HayDen-Harnett includes ion their handbags.
The clutch is a piece I could see Kate moss or Sienna Miller wearing, it has that rocker chick vibe, with a touch of boho mixed in, thanks to the gorgeous print of the lining.

The hobo is nice, too. I agree that the flight bag doesn't look as good, the canvas isn't good enough to hold the cut of the bag properly for long. The flap bag looks pretty good. I didn't see the umbrella.

Target-Addict said...

I totally agree: the clutch is the standout piece in the collection, and if I buy anything from HH, that'll be it. I did see (at a diff. store) the hobo in black, which looks a bit better than the brown. For some reason, the color brown they used just seems "off" to me; I would have preferred a darker hue.