Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday’s Rant: Target eliminating favorite brands

A couple of months ago I lamented the loss of a great candle line, Lume Luxe, at Target. It looks like the line has been phased out entirely, despite its popularity. Likewise, the menswear line Breakwater, which I used to buy regularly for my hubby, seems to have been dropped by the Bullseye. Although the line was available year-round, they concentrated on their summer collection which mimicked Tommy Bahamas island style (with Hawaiian-print shirts, board shorts, and screen-print tees) but at ½ to ¼ the cost of the Tommy brand. But no more: Target has dropped this line in favor of increased offerings from their other in-house men’s brands like Mossimo and Merona.

Now I get it: brands come, and brands go. And Target especially seems hip on bringing in short-run, limited edition collections (like the Shaun White clothing line I blogged about yesterday). But when a line is popular, and seems to be doing well, why drop it? I just don’t get it.

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