Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Be the first to get a Botkier bag!

Even though my sources (and everyone else's on the web) cite Monica Botkier's bag collection not hitting stores until July 21st, a funny thing happened at my local Target. On Sunday, I noticed some of her bags prominently displayed on an endcap. Thinking I was dreaming, I checked the Target across the street from where I work yesterday... and lo and behold, they too had a full endcap showcasing the collection. Or at least part of it: only the metallic bags were out, and I didn't see any of the black, white, or brightly-colored ones.

Personally, I didn't care for what I saw; Botiker's metallics don't have the luxe quality that Devi Kroell's Target line had. Besides, haven't metallics been done to death by now? But if bronze and gold is your style, head on over to Target to be the first to get your Botkier bag a couple of weeks before the "official" product launch.

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