Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday's Rant: “Targèt Couture”

Quick word association! What do you you think of when I say “Target”? Betcha the first word that came to mind wasn't “couture”. Well apparently, Target is trying to change all that, by teaming up with a popular boutique in Los Angeles to launch an exclusive line of “Targèt Couture.”

"The most expensive clothing item in the Targèt Couture line is a $330 cashmere sweater. If it's bling you're looking for, check out the one-carat diamond necklace, which will set you back $3,100. But, you won’t see the $50 T-shirts or $140 designer jeans sold in any Target store. Right now you can only buy them at the Los Angeles fashion boutique Intuition or on its Web site, which also offers a crystal-adorned clutch (pictured) for $870 and a belt for $136, featuring a jeweled red target at the clasp."

When I first saw this story, I thought it was a joke. Then I realized that it was on MSNBC’s site, so it HAD to be true, right? Why would Target bother with this?? But the truly sickening part is the line only launched six weeks ago... and Intuition has already sold more than 3,000 items of this overpriced junk. Simply amazing. I guess folks down in LaLa land will buy anything if you slap a logo on it.

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