Thursday, July 17, 2008

Former employee sues Target

A former security guard at the Target store in Fresno, CA has filed a lawsuit that says the store's security manager used security cameras to zoom in on female customers and employees inappropriately.

Michelle Brown, who worked at Target from June 2006 until April this year, says she was fired from her job after reporting the manager's behavior to his supervisors. Brown says she was also discriminated against because she is a woman and is black. Brown's lawsuit, which was filed July 1st in Fresno County Superior Court, says security manager Chad McPherson used the security cameras for voyeuristic purposes rather than for keeping the store's customers safe and merchandise secure.

"McPherson would also use the security camera system to zoom in on women customers and other Target Corporation employees for extended periods of time while crudely zooming in on the customers' breasts and buttocks," the lawsuit says.

The store's human resources manager, Benjamin Garcia, said McPherson is still employed as the store's security manager. Garcia, who is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit, said he could not comment on the allegations. McPherson could not be reached for comment. Target, which is also named in the lawsuit, issued a statement that said it could not specifically comment on the lawsuit.


theKirkness said...

wow that sucks.

you really love target.

thanks for checking out my blog.

TheProf said...

It is too bad that a woman who was let go for being late to work and not doing her job would hide behind false accusations that were dismissed. If she spent the same effort doing her work ...