Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday’s Rant: Unoriginal Chai

The latest issue of Teen Vogue contains a print ad and short write-up of the new GO International Collection by Richard Chai. He says he's influenced by 1980's-era New York (he name-drops Madonna and Basquiat) but his clothes don't appear to reflect that decade’s excitement or energy. Furthermore, Chai's bejeweled t-shirt bugged me… not only because I hated it, but because I thought it looked oddly familiar. So I dug up this promotional shot (pictured) from Behnaz Sarafpour’s GO International line circa November 2006… and lo and behold, it looks like Chai ripped off the same general concept. Although in my opinion, Behnaz pulled off the jeweled-tee MUCH better. Hers I would wear; Chai’s looks like a DIU 5th grade craft project.

And as long as I’m Chai-bashing: Behnaz’s version retailed for just $19.99, whereas Chai’s will sell for $30. Sorry, Target, but I'm not only unimpressed with your recent designer collaborations, but also disappointed in the constant rising prices for your GO International lines.

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