Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear readers! Have you been shopping any of the after-Christmas sales at Tar-jay? I didn't really strike any deals there until today. Shown is my new Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Bud Vase (small size) that I scored for just - wait for it - 69-cents! It was 90% off (regularly $6.99) and my local Target had at least a dozen of them left. I also got the larger size (regularly $9.99) for just 99-cents.

How about y'all out there? Have you scored any great Target clearance deals lately?


JCH said...

Happy New Year to you! Keep an eye out for several new brands to launch in quarters one and two, including the cross category, wide-ranging “Sun Squad” seasonal “shop” for all your warm weather needs!

JJWalleye said...

Happy New Year! I found a nice deal....not a clearance item...just a well priced item at Target. I was looking for a Turkish beach towel to take on a trip. I needed something that folded up small and was lightweight, but was still large enough unfolded to be worth packing, not to mention, nice quality. I found the Linum Home beach towel. The royal blue striped in particular is priced at $10.79. A bargain. The same exact towel is at Macy’s for a whopping $64. I realize you can use coupons at Macy’s, but you’ll never get it down to that $10 price! How can anyone not love Target!
Lisa M. from Michigan.

ann said...

i recently scored Threshold silk/cotton sheets at 40% off— what a get!

Clipping Quick said...
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