Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Have you checked out Project 62 yet?

Anyone get one of these emails (shown) in the past few days? Today I got my third email hyping Target's new Project 62 brand. I've checked out the new brand in stores, and so far, I like what I see. That said, the selection you find will vary by store. One of my local stores had the entire Project 62 display up several days prior to launch, while on Sunday my closest store just had shipping pallets on the shelves with nothing unpacked yet.

That said, fans of longstanding Target brands Threshold and Nate Berkus may want to stock up now while you can, as the future doesn’t look bright for these two popular lines. As noted recently in my comments section, a design consultant with ties to Target reveals that Threshold will continue for now with home d├ęcor (but not much furniture) and Nate Berkus will be regulated to “softlines” (like bedding and bath). And one of my faithful readers chatted up a Target merchandiser last week, who admitted that both brands are basically being phased out over the next several months to make way for Project 62 and other new home furnishing lines.

Hopefully Project 62 will fill the void left by Threshold, albeit with a bit more modern slant. I’ll desperately miss Nate Berkus for Target, though; all my bedding is by Nate, and his sheets have held up better than any other brand I’ve ever owned. Not to mention that half my house is furnished with Nate Berkus baskets, throw pillows, table runners, vases, candle holders, etc.

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Barbara said...

I got behind on reading your posts, getting caught up, and just now saw this. I haven't seen many of the Project 62 items yet. But..phasing out Nate Berkus...oh NO! I'm like you in loving his designs. I have tons of it. lamps, wall decor, table decor, candlesticks, etc. And the sheets are the best I've bought, and wish I could get more. Best sheets ever, are the blue ones that look and feel like a chambray shirt! Disappointing, but they have to phase out some designers when they collaborate with new ones, I guess. I have lots of Threshold things too.