Friday, January 13, 2017

Consumer Alert: Honest Company Baby Powder Recalled

Multiple news outlets (including Fortune and People Magazine) have reported that Jessica Alba‘s The Honest Company is conducting a voluntary recall of their organic baby powder after concerns that the product caused eye and skin infections.

The recall comes after testing revealed possible microorganism contaminations during production that may cause infections. “With the full knowledge and under the guidance of the FDA, we’ve decided to voluntarily recall this product out of an abundance of caution,” Christopher Gavigan, the company’s co-founder along with Alba, said in a video posted on the company’s website.

News sites keep stating that "the baby powder has been in stores since April 14", but they don't say which stores. Target carries many of The Honest Company products, but I'm not sure whether this particular item was sold there. And if it was on, it's already been pulled as I cannot find it there.


Soph said...

I purchased this baby powder from Target days before the recall was announced. I'll definitely be returning it!

Soph said...

It WAS sold at Target; in fact, I had just purchased it last week. I will be returning it!

Target Addict said...

Thanks for the heads-up, readers! YES, you should definitely return this.