Monday, October 24, 2016

Product Review: Beekman 1802 Farm Pantry Pot Roast Starter

As I blogged about earlier this month, the Beekman 1802 Farm Pantry line is being phased out of Target and is therefore now on clearance. One item I was able to get on sale was the Pot Roast Starter (jar shown far left) which I tried last night and it was delicious. Similar to cooking sauces offered by Williams-Sonoma - but at a fraction of the cost - I found the Beekman version to be far tastier with a lot less sodium. My local store is now sold out of it, but I'm hoping to find it at another nearby store this week. And the recipe couldn't be easier: all you do is sear a small (2-3 lb. pot roast), place it in a dutch over over chopped onions, carrots and potatoes, dump the sauce over it, and bake for 3 hours.

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Tricia Neron said...

I just put my pot roast in the oven, dying to try it, it smells so good. I got mine at Target as well on clearance and I also bought some of their salsa's, they are so good. Their tea is fabulous. I bought the tea at 3 of my Target stores, I am hoping i can get it on their website.

Good to know I am not the only Target Addict around.