Sunday, July 27, 2014

Target's largest East Coast store opens today... reports that Target's sprawling King of Prussia, PA location - the largest Target store on the East Coast - will open today. Local police and fire crews were on standby for the store's Sunday morning debut, anticipating large crowds and increased traffic on the already-clogged Route 202.

Here's what to expect after you shoulder your way through the crowds: 135,000 square feet of general Target goodness, including a grocery section that's 40% larger than those in standard Target stores. There's also an iPad-equipped browsing lounge - staffed by black shirted employees - where you can comparison shop Target's electronics online. The construction of this behemoth is different, too: part of the store is on elevated on stilts over an 800-space parking garage.


floating thru fields said...

wow that's crazy!!! it would be kind of cool to visit if you were in the area :)

Lola said...

Yeah, my new local Target! I have to say, I was there twice on opening day, and it was not at all crazy - plenty of parking, no crowds, no lines at the cash registers, or anything like that. And I've stopped by in the last week to find it similarly quiet. It doesn't really feel that much bigger than the other Targets in the area, and the layout is similar, once you get upstairs to the store level. I'm super excited to have such a convenient new Target!