Monday, July 14, 2014

Lim lookalike...

Remember the Philip Lim for Target mini-satchel bags that were a sellout last Fall? The ones that were closely based on Lim's full-priced "Pashli" style? The ones that retailed for $34.99, but are still making the rounds on eBay for as much as $200 a pop?? Well at Target today I noticed that Merona has come out with their own version of this coveted bag. Granted it doesn't have Lim's signature side-zippers, but it is the same overall shape, has almost the same gold hardware on the front, and includes a cross-body strap just like Lim's version did. At under $30, you might want to check it out... although IMO, it doesn't come close to the styling or quality of the Lim for Target ones.

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Marie said...

That's interesting...and I wonder what he thinks. That doesn't usually happen with the designer collaborations I've purchased. I didn't know they were that much on ebay! I decided against buying one since I am drowning in purses!
Marie @ In Our Happy Place