Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Double-Take: Michael Kors vs. Merona

It's time for another double-take, where we take one item from Target and match it up against a lookalike (and much pricier) designer piece. Today we have two pairs of very similar black canvas espadrille wedge sandals with cute zippers up the front. Only one pair is from Michael Kors (available from a variety of retailers, including Zappo's) and retails for $99, whereas the other is from Merona (at Target) and only costs a third of that at $29.99. Which one is which? The answer appears in the comments section below.


Target Addict said...

The pair on the left is the one from Kors (which you could probably tell from the deeper black color and better hardware) and the one on the right is the more wallet-friendly version from Merona. And although the Kors version is more expensive, it also comes in a range of 8 different colors, whereas the Merona one only comes in 3.

Mary Hall, The Recessionista said...

Just posted on this on The Recessionista:

The similarities are SHOCKING. However, reading the reader reviews, sounds like there are some real quality fit issues with the Target shoes vs the Kors one. I'm surprised to see how many Target reviews noticed the similarities!

Target Addict said...

Mary: Agreed! I found the Merona shoes first (on Target's website) and was bummed as they were sold out of my size. Then I started reading the comments, and that's when I learned they were knockoffs of the Kors sandal.

And it looks like these shoes are popular; since I first posted this, Target has restocked many sizes (including mine) for purchase online.

Target Addict said...

UPDATE: I was able to find these in my size yesterday at a random store in San Jose (using 'store pickup') and they're actually quite comfy for Target shoes!