Saturday, February 22, 2014

Target scrapped Olympic ads...

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reports that Target had intended to launch a new advertising campaign during the Sochi Olympics, but CEO Gregg Steinhafel scrapped those plans following the retailer's data breach.

The ads were to highlight Target employees' efforts to give back to their communities, but Steinhafel's "gut told him it wasn't right," according to a story published in The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. Fearing customers would think the company was "tone deaf," he canceled the campaign. 

No word yet on whether these new ads will eventually air, although the theme of "giving back to the community" is a welcome change from your typical ads that just "sell stuff." Shown here is a still from last year's Target commercial featuring interior designer Sabrina Soto.

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58 Cherries said...

They should air them. Dunno what the worry was over. Lots of stores have data breach. TJ Maxx had one a long time ago and Walmart, etc. I was affected, but I'd rather see some positive ads like this. And again - maybe a token to their customers...a special deal or something. Maybe they worry it'd look like admitting wrong and open them up to liability?? They are already there - they need to be genuine in an apology and people would forgive faster. And I'll try to stop commenting so much. I'm just passionate about Target, too. I check in on your blog now and then and enjoy it a great deal!!