Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Unofficial preview of Peter Pilotto not flattering...

Target surprised just about everyone last month when they announced their next designer collaboration would be with Peter Pilotto: a brand known more for their vivid prints and cool fabrics than for their mainstream appeal.

The collection will feature close to 70 pieces - all womenswear - and will mostly retail for under $60. It's set to launch on February 9, 2014 and the official previews are undoubtedly months away. Yet one member of private fashion discussion forum The Fashion Spot not only says she's seen the collection, she also has details of what shoppers can expect.

According to Racked, the poster - who claims to know someone who is involved with developing the collab - said she got a "random peek" at the clothes a week ago. Her takeaway? "It looks like it's leaning towards a scuba-inspired collection. His signature print style is everywhere, but the fabrics feel so cheap. I remember seeing bathing suits as well. There was one sheath style dress that looked promising on the print level (a mixture of graphic stripes and some florals) until i touched it. I don't know if they were trying to emulate a textured neoprene, but no...not for me."

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