Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Double-Take: Chookah vs. Merona

It's time for another double-take, where we take one item from Target and match it against a similar - albeit pricer - designer piece. Today's edition features two cute rainboots, both with a houndstooth-printed shaft and side buckle-trim. But one of them is by Chookah (at Nordstrom Rack) and costs $69, whereas the other is by Merona (at Target) and only costs half as much at $34.99. Which one is which? The answer appears in the comments section below.


Target Addict said...

The boot on the left is from Chookah, and the one on the right (which is also cuter, IMO!) is from Merona.

ColorBee Creative said...

Hi this is off topic but did target discontinue daily deals?

Target Addict said...

ColorBee: good question! In poking around Target's site this morning, it does indeed seem as if the "Daily Deal" is gone. You can still view Target's current "deals" by clicking on the "save on all the deals" link in the left-hand nav. bar. But the one-day deals seem to be gone.