Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'll pass on the Chai...

After much ballyhoo and anticipation, Robert Chai’s collection for Target finally hit stores today. And my take on it is that I can skip it entirely. Much like the reader who found the "silhouettes shapeless" and the "colors garish", I too was unimpressed by the colors, cut, and quality.

Ironically, just as I entered the store and was making my way to the Chai racks, who did I spy (with two of Chai’s items, of course!) was the ever-adorable Robyn, who cuts my hair. Now let me set this up for you: Robyn is all of 24, blonde, bubbly, and probably a size 2 (if even that). So on her, this flowered satin dress in purple and black (pictured) will probably look killer. But not on me, or anyone over 30, for that matter. She was also holding this cute black zippered skirt, which will be perfect for her job at the salon since they have a uniform of “all black” there. But frankly, after inspecting the racks in detail, we agreed that she’d honed in on the only two really decent items of the bunch. The only other possible exception are these cute t-shirts that are very similar to Banana Republic’s…but I didn’t buy any because the fabric was so tissue-thin you’d have to wear a cami underneath.

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