Monday, June 29, 2015

Lilly lingers, but isn't marked down...

If you look hard, there  is still a smattering of Lilly Pulitzer for Target merchandise left in some stores. But at this point (8+ weeks since launch) Target's design collabs are usually marked down on clearance, and I haven't seen that happen with the Lilly stuff yet.

As I mentioned almost 2 months ago, this jumpsuit (pictured) seems to be one of the items still consistently found in stores, usually mixed in on the racks with other jumpsuits and maxi dresses by Mossimo and Xhilaration. Other items I've seen recently are the pineapple thong sandals, string lights, juice glasses and the ever-present nail files. And if you're wondering why/how returns are still trickling in (despite the 2-week return window for this collab) I've been told by readers that they've been able to return Lilly items by accepting store credit vs. a refund of their original payment method.

If you're still craving a little Lilly - but don't want to pay full price - my fellow blogger The Recessionista advises that the brand will hosting an Extending Summer Since 1959ish exclusive one-day promotion to celebrate the summer season and 4th of July holiday. On Friday, July 3rd, a special one-day promotion will be offered in-store and online. Gifts with purchase include:
  • Spend $200 and receive a limited edition beach towel
  • Spend $1,000 or more and receive 5 limited edition beach towels


nonickname said...

Hi! Long time reader of your blog (great job btw) and first post. I was one of the crazies in line on the release day for Lilly for Target and in all the madness I picked up the wrong size iPhone case, which I JUST noticed yesterday, boo! I went to a random Target not even near my house looking for something else, and to my amazement they had a LOT of Lilly hanging out on the first rack in the accessories department! There were a ton of flip flops, a clutch, a metallic vase, and lo and behold one lone iPhone case in the exact size I needed! The woman working at customer service was so nice to let me just do an even exchange. I literally could not believe my luck that day, so suffice to say I am sittin' pretty with my new iPhone case :)

Music said...

I have to say, many stores in the L.A. area haven't shown a SINGLE TRACE of the Lilly collection for a month. Manhattan Beach seemed to have gotten the clothing returns (a lot of jumpsuits, yes - perhaps other stores are being directed to send things there?) But the only items I've seen lately are the odd hurricane lamp back in the garden section, if anything at all. I'm only monitoring this situation out of curiosity at this point because I have what I wanted from the launch. But it has been an interesting phenomenon to watch. I am hypothesizing the 14-day return policy got screwed up because of the receipts, and there may be a chunk of unsuccessful eBay hoards returned on the 14th of this month. Then again, people may simply repurchase. I don't know.