Monday, June 1, 2015

Fab Find: Hannahmax Cookie Chips

Recently at Target I found these delectable Cookie Chips from Hannahmax Baking. I tried both the Sea Salted Peanut Butter flavor (shown here) as well as the Cinnamon Sugar, and both were delicious. Their tagline is "Tastes like a Cookie, Eats like a Chip", which is true: these are super thin, extra crunchy treats. Plus they're made from hormone-free butter, cage-free eggs, and contain no GMOs.

The only problem is that I found these on a clearance endcap in the Grocery Section for $1.98 bag (down from $3.99 each). The sale price was great and all, but now I can't find them at Target anymore. I think these cookies were part of Target's latest Made to Matter promotion which hit stores 5-6 weeks ago. Hopefully Target will stock these regularly, but if not, it looks like they are carried at many other stores (including Safeway, Fred Meyer, Whole Foods, Vons, and Raley's).


Unknown said...

I've found these at Rite Aide!

aly cat said...

This are SO GOOD. I'm also in Northern California and I spotted them on the clearance section as well. I almost bought the remaining bags (3) but I figured I didn't need the calories :-). The salted peanut butter is my fav. They also carry them at Whole Foods and I've seen them on sale there quite a few times.