Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New at Target: Peanuts Summer Collection

This Fall the Peanuts gang will make a splash on the big screen in the beloved comic strip’s much-anticipated feature film, "The Peanuts Movie."  So to celebrate the upcoming movie debut - as well as the comic strip's 65th anniversary - Target has introduced a collection aimed at summer family fun. With more than 100 exclusive products starring Charlie Brown, Lucy and, of course, Snoopy, the items range in price from $1.00, up to $34.99 and features things like tents, beach towels, pool floats, picnic blankets, sippy cups, tableware, toys, and more. They even have 3-packs of Up&Up Suncreen imprinted with the beloved Peanuts characters. 

You can find these products in a special section near the Patio & Garden aisle. But act fast; friends of mine with little kids have warned me that popular items like the tent (shown here at top) and pool floats have already sold out, and even small items (like the sunscreen) are flying from shelves.


Cotton Candy said...

A few weeks ago I saw the Target sunscreen with Peanuts characters on them. I should have purchased when I saw them. Now they seem to be all gone from both the Targets near my home. Boo!

Music said...

I love Snoopy & Peanuts. I had 17 Snoopy stuffed animals as a kid (well, I still have them) even one that sits in a yellow corduroy airplane with a Woodstock in the back. It reminds me of being a little kid in 1976.