Sunday, February 24, 2013

Target's Garden & Patio Section returns...

Remember the seasonal section in Target (usually near the back of the store) that used to hold the Holiday merchandise, then swapped to The Great Save stuff early last month?  Well now - with Spring approaching - it's being converted to their Garden & Patio section, carrying items like planters, pots, garden tools, seeds and patio furniture (like this Brooks Island Collection by Smith and Hawken, shown here).

And incidentally: I noticed that The Great Save stuff never went on clearance like it usually does - at least not in my local stores.  The most they marked it down was by 15%, whereas in years past it would be slashed to 50% off.

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Tom Hardy said...

I love this patio set. Are all the clearance items online for sale or just like part of them? Thank you for sharing this info!