Monday, February 11, 2013

Product Review: Method's Tomato Vine Hand Wash

As I mentioned last month, Method is coming out with new hand wash scents, including special edition Orla Kiely varieties. And this past weekend at Target, I saw one lonely bottle of the new "Tomato Vine" Gel Hand Wash (in this cute Orla print, shown) so I just had to try it.  And, I liked it! As predicted, it has a fresh, herbal, and slightly floral scent. It does remind me of "tomatoes fresh off the vine", although it smells brighter and less earthy than what you'd find in your garden.

One thing to note: this scent seems to linger longer than other Method hand washes I've tried.  So you really have to love this aroma, as you can expect your hands to retain this scent long after you've washed them.  In contrast: I'm also a big fan of Method's Orla Kiely "Vanilla Chai" Foaming Hand Wash (which is now on clearance in stores, FYI) but that scent doesn't seem to linger like the Tomato Vine does.

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mtrentham said...

Got this and the counter spray. Very pretty together! That spray really works wonders in the kitchen, without being perfume-like, or reeking of chemicals. I like that I can have my cleaner right on the sink.