Friday, September 23, 2011

Missoni for Target actually designed by... Target

The Star-Tribune has an interesting article on the downside of the Missoni-sellout, cautioning that Target’s success with the line comes with a price. Not only were Target’s website issues an embarrassment - especially since Target had just debuted its revamped website a few weeks earlier – but Target is left with precious little stock to sell between now and the holidays. While Target purposely limited the size of the Missoni collection to whip up demand, the goal of the Missoni line was to drive shoppers to the store and create momentum for the holiday shopping season. Now that plan is shot, and with no more Missoni to sell, Target has to scramble to fill stores with goods consumers will want for the upcoming holiday gift season.

But even more distressing is the revelation in the article that most of Missoni for Target wasn’t even designed by Missoni! A spokesperson for the Bullseye reveals that Target - which boasts one of the largest design teams in the country - designed most of the 1960s inspired collection in-house, based on input from Margherita Maccapani Missoni and Angela Missoni. So that Missoni for Target you’re sporting? Yeah, it’s a lot cheaper than real Missoni… but it’s also largely made in China, and wasn’t even designed by the family themselves.


Lisa M said...

I was frustrated w/ website during Missoni fiasco. Sad to say, it has not improved one whit since then! Slow and stupid seem to have been the design spec. Besides having nothing to pull me into the store, this will not be my shopping site of choice for the holidays either! I want my old Target back!

Judy C said...

I find it amazing that in the current financial state most store chains face, Target would pull such obvious stunts which could conceivably sink them. The management should sink some of the people who caused this stupidity.

Shopping Celle said...

Sounds like this article was written by some sour grapes person that didn't get the Missoni item they had their eye on. It is hard to believe that the Missonis would put their name on the line & even model in the ads if they did not have a major influence in the design of this line!

Music said...

At the very least, it appears to be Missoni inspired and Missoni improved. Usually with the Target collabs, the initial design is by the designer, and then execution and production is by Target. If it weren't made in China, it would be cheap (duh).

And, of course, if I were Missoni, I would want to make sure that the pieces would not be mistaken for the Missoni or M. Missoni brands. You have to keep the integrity of the luxury label. (M. Missoni is the "cheaper" version which has dresses for $600 instead of $1500.)

So this should be expected.

By the way, Target Addict, is there a way we can send or post pics for you?

Music said...

Ha ha! I meant "Missoni approved"!

Target-Addict said...

Music, et al:
yes, you folks are right... the goods were at least inspired by Missoni, and they had some sort of hand in it, I'm sure. And, not ALL the stuff was made in China, and the stuff that was made there was to keep costs down. I get it :-)

And my email address is:

Please feel free to email me or send me pics. I'll have to check my site settings again; perhaps I don't have my email posted or it's too "buried" to find ;-)

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

That is agonizingly annoying! I cannot believe it~ I was so looking forward to owning my own little pieces of Missoni. Glad I didn't go totally crazy (as I am wearing an infinity scarf as we speak...)
I do think the quality is somewhat equal to the cost (as compared to other collaborations with designers/Target) I am loving the pieces I chose, but I have been a long time Missoni fan too poor to own the real deal.

Critifur said...

Not only was Missonigate appalling, but the endless commercials continually reminding me of products that are never going to reappear... SO annoying! LOL

Marcelo said...

Amazing all this fuss over a brand that turns out to be a knock off. All I can do is giggle.