Thursday, September 8, 2011

FNO's preview of Missoni for Target

Fashion editors got to preview the Missoni for Target collection last night - 24 hours ahead of tonight's Fashion Night Out. reports that the goods they inspected "definitely looks like Missoni, but if feels a little like in, you can tell it shouldn't be priced at over $1,000."

They also reported that "the clothes seemed pretty good. Some pieces appeared to be doing better than others, like the poncho-style sweaters and the pajama-like short shorts. On the other hand, things like a mustard coat and a pink turtleneck were kind of just sitting there, but maybe people only wanted to buy things that were blatantly zig-zag...... The real gems seem to be the housewares, all inexpensively priced and all very cute. Keep your eyes peeled for vases, shower curtains, throw pillows, dishes, and trays..... Other notables included the rainboots, the ballet flats, the tights, and laptop cases. "

And the WSJ advises that those of us on the east and west coasts (and a few select cities) are more likely to get our hands on Missoni than other areas of the country. They report that "Target will apportion the 400 items in the Missoni collection more heavily to urban stores and those on the east and west coasts. Stores in Birmingham, Ala.; Fort Union, Utah; and North Jackson, Miss., also will get large selections because they have had high sales rates for past collections."

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