Thursday, September 29, 2011

Michelle Obama still hearts Target

The Associated Press reports that the First Lady sneaked out for a little Target shopping trip today at the Target store on Route 1 in Alexandria, Virginia. Trying to look incognito, she was spied wearing a Nike baseball cap, sunglasses and a floral-print button-down shirt with a neon v-neck tank.

The AP reported that Secret Service agents, also dressed casually, arrived at the store 30 minutes before the first lady, who shopped with an assistant. She reportedly spent 30-40 minutes shopping and was only recognized by her cashier.

But we already knew that Mrs. Obama was a Target fan. She was seen wearing a dress from Target in Phoenix back in August 2009, and then wore that same dress in July of this year. And during the 2008 presidential campaign, Mrs. Obama proudly proclaimed herself "more of a Target shopper," saying she preferred the store to Walmart.


dinagideon said...

Ha! That is one of our local stores. :) I cannot believe only the cashier recognized her. Good on you, Ms. Obama! Quite a feat here in this area...with all of the ambitious political types living here, can you imagine the in they would have if they were at the store at the same time? "Hey, Mrs. O, love that Mossimo top you have in your buggy, very cute. BTW, I would love to tell you all my ideas on how to fix universal health care for all..."

LocalCeleb said...

I love Target too! and so do my coworkers! Their jewelry selection,at least where I reside ..AMAZING! I find a ton of Mossimo that I love!