Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Preview Pics for Temple St. Clair

As I first reported back in April, jewelry designer Temple St. Clair will bring her classy & timeless designs to Target this month – Aug. 29th, to be exact. Fabsugar has just posted some additional preview pics, and I’ve got to say that I’m loving almost every piece I see! Click here to see the complete set of pictures.

And to the reader who asked me back in July "Clearly the [Temple St. Clair for Target] jewelry is not made of gold and gemstones. Any idea what materials are being used?", my friend The Recessionista has the answer. According to her sources, Temple St. Clair for Target uses gold-plated brass for the settings and colored cubic zirconium for the semi-precious stones.

PS: for more on the designer herself, check out Target.com/temple.

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Tiffanybreakfast said...

Went a little crazier with the collection at Target but had to "online it" with the stomach flu. This and the Liberty of London launch this year has been the most amazing for me.

Thank you for always posting and letting know in advance about "the goods". I love your in store updates for sales that you don't see online.

And part of Target will always be Gemco for me. ;)