Thursday, August 12, 2010

Target Tries to Make Ammends

A report published Tuesday by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal said that Target is working to calm down gay rights activists incensed over a $150,000 political donation to a group supporting a conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota.

Target is said to be in negotiations with the Human Rights Campaign, according to, which cited sources close to the talks. The company is being urged to donate $150,000 to pro-gay-rights candidates and groups in Minnesota.

Last Thursday, Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel apologized to the retailer’s employees for the donation to MN Forward, a new business-advocacy group that is supporting state Rep. Tom Emmer, a GOP gubernatorial candidate who opposes gay marriage.

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Critifur said...

Well that is clearly not the case. I have not shopped at Target, as strangely difficult as it has been, and I will now continue with the boycott. I will still follow your blog, just because I like it. I am very disappointed in my favorite store... But I cannot support a company with my hard earned living if as a corporation, Target wants to support politics that harm me. That would be the definition of idiocy. Goodnight.