Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shaun White 4 Target 2010 Collection

The latest Shaun White 4 Target collection is now available online and in stores. The line boasts Shaun's usual offering of skater-inspired graphic tees, hoodies, polos, shorts & jeans for boys and young men. And in addition, this time around Shaun's collection also includes shoes. Now to be honest: I saw the shoes in person several weeks ago (as my local Target put them out early) and I hate to say that the materials seemed extremely cheap and flimsy. Quite a letdown from the quality and styling of his clothing, which we've purchased for our teenage boys in the past and have been very happy with. For same amount of money at Target, you're much better off buying the skate shoes from Converse One Star, which are better-constructed and hold up well.

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